Apartments on the Island of Krk

Baška is situated on the southeastern coast of Island Krk which is linked to mainland Croatia by a beautiful bridge. Baska has a tradition of over 100 years of tourism. Baska´s first hotel was built in 1905.


With its fantastic climate, crystal clear seas and beautiful natural environment tourists keep coming back to Baska. Its´ well known beaches, water and local surroundings offer the perfect opportunity to relax, have fun in the sun, engage in sporting activities or just simply take it easy. The beautiful pebbled beach of Baska is a family friendly place for adults and children. Those that want something a little more quiet and private can get away and discover one of the over 30 beaches in Baska´s surroundings.

Visitors can enjoy quality accommodation in either private homes, hotels or the local campground. There are many restaurants to choose from which offer a huge variety of cuisines. Your days in Baska will be full of activity and fun. You can choose to do as the locals do or just do your own thing.


If you feel a little more energetic and love to get out on a walk there are numerous trails to discover another side to Baska. At the same time those who enjoy diving will revel in the clean clear waters of Baska Bay.

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