Apartments on the Island of Krk
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Baška is surrounded with around thirty pebble beaches that are accessible to swimmers from all generations. These beaches can be reached either on foot or by boat.

Vela plaža

The biggest and most beautiful one is Baška's “Vela Plaža”, the “Big Beach”, right in the centre of town, backed by bars, restaurants, pizzerias, cafés, hotels, private apartments and other tourist facilties.


The “Vela plaža” is a natural pebbly beach, 1800 m long, which can take several thousand swimmers with ease. It's particularly suitable for children and non-swimmers. Since 1999, the European Blue Flag has flown on Baška's Big Beach and has become a trademark of Baška, as proof of the high quality of beach standards. The Blue Flag  is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe, and symbolises a well-preserved, safe and pleasant surrounding, clean sea and coast, and a beach that is well  maintained, with a well developed system for  management of the area. On the beach you can hire pedal boats, windsurfers, parasols, sunloungers and other things to help you spend an enjoyable and carefree time on the beach. In fact it was the beaches that stimulated the development of Baška’s tourism in long ago 1908 when the first bathing area was officially opened on the Island of Krk. Today, the beaches are used as they were in the previous century. The only difference being that nowadays the accompanying facilities ensure that all visitors can have a safe and worry free stay.


A beach by-law laid down by the Baška Municipality sets out the way in which the beaches should be used and order maintained on them.


It is against the rules to:

- light fires

- litter the beach

- have pets on the beach or let them swim in the water

- navigate a vessel in the beach area.

Vela plaža
Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)

On the Island of Krk, near the town of Baska is located a well known naturist camp Buculuka. In the camp you can find a lot of fun facilities and arranged objects, and going closer to the sea through the thick Mediterranean herbs, you will get to a beautiful naturist beach. The beach is pebbly and surrounded with pine trees which provide shade. The camp is arranged in modern way and it has a shop and restaurant. Cristal blue sea and a beautiful environment offer you a real vacation from your everyday life, which you'll remember for a long time.

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