Apartments on the Island of Krk
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Get to know Island of Krk, known under the name of  “The Golden Island” for ages. It is the biggest island in the Adriatic with its surface of 409,9km. Krk is the nearest island to the countries of Western Europe and is also very well connected to whole Europe. Because of that fact it is the most attractive tourist center in the Adriatic and one of a few islands in Croatia that are connected to land by a bridge. Besides by land, you can get to Krk by sea and by air thanks to numerous ferry lines and airport situated on the Island.


North side of the island is almost naked because of the influence of a strong wind while the south side is filled with green nature with lots of natural bays with gravel beaches. Central and Western part of the island are covered with forests and growing cultures of Mediterranean fruits and vegetables. Karst relief contributes to making of interesting karst forms, rocks and caves. Gentle and Mediterranean climate prevails and allows mild winter and warm and sunny summer. Average summer air temperature is 23°C and average sea temperature is between 23°C and 25°C. Bora, Jugo and Mistral are the three winds which are to be entitled for a pleasant climate.


Population was oriented to fishing, agronomy and growing olives for centuries. However, tourism is the Island’s primary economic branch today. This branch has been giving in to the island’s development for over 100 years. Tourism nourishes a rich cultural heritage, tradition, customs and rich culinary skills and excellent wines, which makes Krk a characteristic and special island.




Island Krk has been populated since ancient history and its rulers have changed for years to come. By coming of Croats, island divided to four central places, so called “kaštelas”: Omišalj, Dobrinj, Vrbnik and Baška. Still, the capital, Krk, is the oldest continually populated place, not just in the island, but also in whole Kvarner. City was urbanized in antique period while its ground plan saved the Roman urban basis in its bigger part, with the streets that cross under right angle (cardo-decumanus).


Baška table is definitely the most interesting part of Krk’s cultural heritage and is located in st. Lucy’s church in Jurandvor near Baška. Baška table is written in first Croatian letter-Glagolitic alphabet and because of that takes a special place in Croatian national history and culture.

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